Tools for Network Analysis in security aspect


Could you share all the tools which you use to conduct network audits? Much appreciated if you share according to Windows and Linux platforms.


An audit of what sorts?

Do you want to do an asset scan or a vulnerability scan or port scan or… many others?


How about all of those you pointed. The purpose of these post is to segregate important and widely used tools in infosec. May be we can create a good resource once we have answers from everyone

Think @GrailNite can list few

  • NMAP by default, very flexible over multiple environments.
  • Metasploit/Armitage for vulnerability scanning and much, much more.
  • Solarwinds for traffic monitoring, actually does a decent job for as expensive as it is and contains other useful tools. This is more NOC oriented rather than Infosec, but regardless it’s still handy to monitor your network.

I’ll add more when I get home tonight. I have other tools on my laptop, both Windows and Linux.


I’ve never had a chance to play with this. Have you? Looks incredible.


We have most of the network tools from Solarwinds where I work, in fact a couple places over the years that I’ve been at have had used Solarwinds. It’s robust, and can give you very detailed real time reporting.


I have used a few and come across many more in my studies for CEH. I will list a few that I am familiar with:

Vulnerability Scanners

Enumeration Scans

Network Monitors

OpenSource Firewalls

These are just a few.

Here is a far more extensive list:


I was expecting something like this @hackractual so that we can promote this as a resource

Thanks @djmoore let’s keep adding more to this list


I get it now, maybe you should edit your original post to include the ones that people post.