The (extremely) Short List of VPN Providers I Trust


My (very) short list of approved VPN providers: (in order of “trust” factor)

  1. Mullvad VPN –
  2. AirVPN –
  3. ProtonVPN –

There are others, of course, but I feel that the majority are simply trying to capitalize on the FUD in regards to internet privacy at the moment. Since VPN providers work essentially like an ISP (ALL of your traffic flows through their servers, so there is the possibility of them seeing/logging everything you do), you have to do your homework and figure out who to trust. Read their privacy policy and TOS. See what they log or don’t log. When you’re comfortable with your choice, try them out.


+1 for protonvpn

I have their visionary account, and put all my domains in there now since I learnt that google may not be bug free.


I have a technique. I’ve coined it “Decentralized VPN Usage”. I use 3 different VPNs (not necessarily the ones in my list, except for Mullvad) on any given day, using any given server they have available.


Im too poor. Best I can do for mixing it up is recycle my amazon free image (I basically use it for SSH tunnels)


Hey, that definitely works to. “Roll your own” VPN.


I trust both PrivateInternetAccess, as well as NordVPN. On paper PIA seems like a company not to trust, but they have proven in court that their no-logging policy is legit.


You are absolutely right. I just don’t feel that touting a million servers to use necessarily equates to privacy and security. There are other things about them. Again, they just rub me the wrong way.


And I’ve used both PIA and Nord in the past. I’ll stick with my original list.


they’re cheap, kinda why I use them


I have seen NordVPN use FUD to a disgusting level in an attempt to sell more accounts. I think it was Nord. I am trying to find the tweet now, but it is alluding me.


Uh-oh. I haven’t ever seen that from them, but that would certainly change my opinion of them.


It took a while, but I finally found the tweets! It was them at the time. I think it was a commercial that aired on TV.


Did they every reply?


No. I sincerely wish they had.