Sudo - Introduction


Who is sudo?
Hey everyone, I am a security researcher, programmer, bug hunter, infosec addict. I’d say I am a jack of all. I love researching things and implementing those. Machine Learning is really fascinating to me, so in my leisure, I spend time on implementing my ideas which could be machine learning models or scripts for automation. I sometimes spare time in learning new trending languages in the market.

How can I help?
I think I can share my opinions on few subjects which are Application security, Python, Golang, Vulnerability Research, Bug Hunting, Binary Analysis, ASM-X86, Machine Learning (not an expert), Blogging, Brewing Coffee

What else?
Apart from my work, I am a good chess player (they say). If you’re interested then don’t forget to challenge me on live chess. I am open to challenges :slight_smile:

DJMoore - D.J. - Introduction

That’s cool as hell. I know how to play, but I am terrible. Maybe we get into a game sometime and you can give me some pointers?


Sure thing, ping me anytime. I’d love to play


You have quite a wide swath of experience there. It seems as though you will bring a lot to this forum. Thanks for joining and making this community so much more diverse. I hope we all learn a lot from one another.


I’d love to pick your brain on bug hunting, I’ve been interested in that for some time now. Also kudos for Chess, I also play but similar to others, I’m not that great.


You could also reach out to logicbomb_1 on Slack. He is a successful full time bounty hunter.


Yea, I am not into bug bounty. I do research on vulnerabilities, sometimes Appsec, sometimes bounties. But yes I can help in bug hunting as I know many Open-source vulnerabilities