[SpLaT] - Jason - Introduction


Hi everyone. I’m [SpLaT]. I am a web developer by day and night, and an infosec nerd everywhere else in between.

I am particularly interested in web application security, both as a developer who wants to write more secure applications, and as a hacker who loves the thrill of finding bugs.

I’m pretty old school I guess. My first shell I popped was through gopher compliments of my local library’s dial-up service. Let’s just say that I was always on the library’s dial-up service… you know… learning about stuff…

The internet has come a long way since then, and I’m not much more skilled than I was back then. I can program ok in about three languages and program badly in about a dozen more. I love everything tech and will waste way too much money on hardware that I just can’t live without.



surprised you joined up given your …opionion… about forums and all. You might find that Discourse is actually a pretty neat platform. Also, it’s written in RoR so, I might need your help some…

Funny, I “learned a lot” at my local library growing up also. Funny how that works. :slight_smile:


Yeah - I’d go with Discourse over just about any PHP forum solution. Good choice! I’m always here to help too with RoR. I was actually busy yesterday writing a custom markdown parser for Redcarpet yesterday… good times!


Without a doubt, even though I love PHP.

Never used it, what is it?


You use it every day muhuhahaha…

It is the most popular markdown parser that RoR has… used by sites such as Github…


Well I’ll be damned…


This motivated me :nerd_face:


Welcome to the community. Thanks for joining, as many have already said. I’m sorry I am a little late to chiming in here, but I wanted to say that hope you bring a lot of those early-shell-popping stories with you.

What do you do to stay up-to-date now? I assume the libraries have caught on to your ways since then. :wink:


Haha - well… Gopher is dead for starters… And libraries don’t use dial-up modems for their book reservation systems any more.

Nowadays I feel like the N00b. I just work on Vulnerable systems - play CTFs and go to town on HackTheBox when I have time… which is never :slight_smile:

I still would love to get a team together for HTB - it is a good solid platform to learn on.


Me too. Would be more fun in a collaborative environment.


I wish could join but timezone varies and leisure hour is limited


Same. I should get back into it though. Just really having fun learning about RE and Malware Analysis.