So I spoke to discobot once


Ive seen this forum software before. One other place. Cardino forum I was learning on. I joined and they had a discobot like yours. Except their one, dropped some sneaky bombshells.

For ease of clicking, I have posted those links here:

They are very powerful links. First, none of them are more than one degree of separation from very dark secrets the world wants to hide, and secondly, they upskill you on important keys.

You may not understand their relevance now, and I dont wanna get to deep into the crazy I work in, but I found it very interesting that a bot would teach me how to identify plague.

Anyways, since this is a hacker forum, I thought it would be fun to leave this here and see if anyone knows where it goes. I wont show, but I can show you one of many roads into a maze so huge, its unbelievable in scale. Like really, when you see reality, no one will believe you.

Do I know the truth? no. I dont know much, and am certainly not a truth bearer. I can show you where mysteries hide though. Or at least point you in a direction on how to spot them.

I hope you find those links as deep as I did. I mean, it is vauville tradition and all :slight_smile:


This is like Qanon-esque. Lost on me. Wish I was on the level of truth you were.


Im not sure about that, I feel like a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming car.


Personally, I’d reather see it coming.


I know, thats kinda where I am now. I dont know how much what Im … dealing with… can do, but when I made a video once, I did ask “this isnt a request to reintegrate”. I guess Im like you. Wanna see the car. The worst is, few other bunnies can see it, so its a complex problem thats ganna get worse since eternal blue hit the streets.