SANS GSEC (SEC401) Training



I would highly recommend taking a SANS course if it becomes available to you through your employer, or if you happen to have roughly $10,000 sitting around waiting to burn.

I have not taken the exam yet, but the training was with Dr. Cole and he made it engaging and relative every step of the way. He has a ton of experience and has taught the course for 18 years. He also wrote the course material.

I know it is not in the budget for personal training (not even close for me), but if a company is willing to foot the bill it is completely worth it. Even if you have something like Security+, it is worth considering GSEC, because it is much more in-depth and you will learn considerably more than just the course material in the books.


Thanks for the tip. My boss and I were just talking about possibly going to get some official security training. I’m hoping it actually happens and we can fit it in the budget. Not sure which one he would want though, but SANS certainly sounds awesome.


I would highly recommend GSEC first. It is a great foundation.