Pirateducky - Introduction


What’s up everyone - I am really excited about being part of this community. I enjoying breaking things and figuring out how they work. I am currently learning how to reverse engineer using ASM X86 on Linux. I love programming because it allows me to express myself in a way that I have never had until I learned how to program, I began by learning JavaScript and everything else web related, I aim to one day become part of the info sec community. I have tons of resources that I am really excited to share with anyone that wants them. I believe information should be free and available to anyone that wants/needs it. Hope to meet everyone soon!


Welcome, Thanks for the intro post!

I don’t know a ton about Assembly but I will help where I can. I do have a friend that does RE for malware analasys, and he’s pretty damn good at it. Check him out at https://goggleheadedhacker.com/

He used to hang out in Slack but he said he’s taking a break from it for a while.

Look forward to hearing more from you, man!


Please take a look at the links in this topic Malware Samples
Hope you find something useful