Now this looks like fun!


Yes, I’m a newb, but I don’t care. I think this is frickin’ cool!

I love being in the position of not knowing anything, but knowledgeable enough that when I see something like this, I understand it and can then try it without getting frustrated.


I haven’t ever owned a Rubber Ducky, but I did build a clone of one with an Arduino once. It worked pretty well, but wasn’t as small as a flash drive.

You can accomplish this with an Arduino Pro Micro though, which is pretty goddamn small. and you can’t beat the price.



Site seems to be down for me, but at any rate they are like $50, but that Arduino is only like $5 and it’s more fun to program it yourself.


Personally, I love Darren, Snubs, and this entire channel. Their videos are what taught me the difference between UDP and TCP back in the day when I was first learning about networking.


I support them a lot.


Pineapple fun to play with?


Not that much, I like occupineapple on it. This is me messing with a ducky


Nice. There are some pretty awesome payloads for the ducky.


I bought their full kit, with the bash bunny, pineapple and ducky. I use the ducky more than anything, well used to when I still used to just hack tech. Now Ive lost most (but not all) interest in it, and have moved up a layer. :smiley:

I prefer playing with the pi`s now, as Im working on IA (not ai) unit development