Need suggestions on retrieving Android crash logs


Hello everyone,

I am facing a crash while rendering a payload on my default MI (Android mobile) browser. To deep dive and understand what caused the crash, I need to analyze the crash logs. Would you suggest any other way to analyze?

I am looking for a tool or a mobile app which gives me detailed information about the crash. The details should include the memory (stack/heap) consumption and control flow. Is there any way that I can analyze it from my PC?


I’m no expert, but… I believe you would first need to install Android ADB on your PC. After doing this, your PC would recognize the Android device and I think you can pull the crash logs from it like you would any other storage device. This link might be of help:


Thanks for the link, I tried with adb devices and uiautomator too. It just gives me simple crash log. I’ve tried SysLog app too. All these apps gives me less details of the crash


You can definitely do this with ADB, but to get it any other way would certainly require root.


True. That’s the downside(?) to Android. To get any real use out of Android, it has to be rooted first to get to the good stuff. This will unfortunately (for most manufacturers) void your warranty.