MrFoxxy - Ryan - Introduction

foxxy@home ~> whoami

Hello fellow forum users, my name is Ryan Bradley (or if I prefer using my pseudonym, MrFoxxy).

I’m currently a secondary school Senior with a drive for build, breaking, and exploring computer systems and network solutions. I have experience with building and diagnosing hardware problems with computer systems. After secondary school, I am going to begin training for the U.S. Army to be a Information Technology Specialist(25B) to expand my technological skills and learn new things with my job.

I am currently working towards earning my CompTIA Linux+ certification as part of expanding my technological horizon.

p.s. I really love to work on computer systems :wink:



Welcome, thanks for joining up and thanks for the intro!

You have a shitload of stuff more done than I did at that age… Good luck to you and I look forward to seeing you around the forums.


@MrFoxxy I just want to echo ${Above_quote }


Welcome. I hope you get stationed somewhere great when you join! Fight for it. Have a list. Don’t get stuck at Fort Polk (Leesville), where I grew up.

Hardware hacking has always intrigued me, but never enough to get into it. Good on you! Also, it is great that you learned Linux so early on. I wish I had started sooner. Good luck to you and your kernel project!