Media based assosicated messaging l8


So I thought I would start a second thread for this, because my introduction thread is not the ideal space. I wont repeat the data in there, I thought I would keep this first introduction as simple as possible. Its why I am ninja.

In the world of l8 stuff, ninjas and troopers are two memes good folk are starting to form behind. Troopers seem to be more corporatey based and ninjas are more ronin. Im not clear on the trooper message, but the ninja message is very clear.

Ninjas protect butterflies.

What is a butterfly?

According to the FBI, butterflies are common steganographic markers for pedophiles to mark that they trade in young children. So protecting butterflies means protecting kids from pedophiles.

Now there are two songs that actually sing to this market, trying to quietly educate people (remember, infections are entrenched and institutionalized, so teaching is sneaky).

One of the songs, is “Enter the Ninja” - By Die Antwoord (famous for standing up to this abuse), the other is “Get back up again” from the Troll movie. Just a quick note, there is not a scene in the Troll song that does not refer to some kinda associated messaging.

Side note: You will notice in the troll song there is a giant worm chasing the child over DNA looking “branches”.

However, what I wanted to do, was try show people, these two songs are actually singing to the same issue. So what I did was combine the “Enter the Ninjas” song with appropriate troll video at the right time. Showing the link between the two.

You will also notice, Die Antwoord art in “Enter the Ninja”. It has Rick and Morty in it. The song was filmed in 2009, Rick and Morty first aired on 2013. Im sure this was intentional. The bugs in the background are not lost on me either.

Anyways, since gamers are the resistance, I made a GMV (gamer made video), where I combined the two. To anyone who likes Batman, sorry about that. It was too good a bit of video not to include. A frosty (good guys) ninja (good guys) fighting batman (GRU).

Sailormoon is one of the genres that abused girls are rescued behind. If you want to know why it was included. Ive seen RP storylines that delve into this.

So why did I choose ninjas? I dont know what the troopers are doing. They feel too IBM too me. Which is okay, but they seem to spend more time learning nothing than doing something. Ninjas are hackers, creators and gamers who defend butterflies (kids from pedos). For me, thats a very clear mission line thats universal and I can stand behind.

So anyways, I hope this introduces you to the world of Layer8 associated messaging.

I have tried to articulate the impossible. Trying to write with logic, what is not in the logic hemisphere of the brain… in this article. Its really important you watch all the media. What I write is more a very weak outline. You need to consume the media to get the messaging. Sometimes several times. As many messages can be layered. The links at the bottom are important, especially the “learning to look deeper”. Its mostly a bunch of videos, but all that will start training your right hemisphere. Or understanding how it works, or try teach you a message.

It also teaches you the art of metaphor speak, a big part of this.

Anyways, hope you learn from this, and learn to identify it. Its really important we do learn these skills as criminals are fully upskilled in this form of communication.


Since this topic is right here, and refers to the FBI markers, I just came across some keys that showed me “magikarp” from pokemon is not good.

There are at least 3 markers (so a cluster) in one frame. Possibly 4 if that find is symbolic to a crown. This is a good example of what to keep an eye out for.

Now I dont know if the pokemon channel itself is bad, as there is no advertising there, there is basically just associated message training, like my enter the ninja video. So it could be either, but based on what I see, this is more a warning than anything else.