List of Infosec Resources


Here I am just trying to put together a big list of good resources. This is all the stuff that I have bookmarked or have found online. I would love to see what kind of stuff you guys have found so please just leave a reply and let me know.

Pentesting Resources

Exploit Development

Pentesting Distros

I know there are a ton more out there, I would love to see what kinds of things you have found. I’ll continue adding to the list as I find things, and as people add their resources.


Anyone have any experience with the courses on - all the content is free and they have a very extensive catalog of stuff available (also labs) - just don’t know how it stacks up against paid for content?


Never used it, but adding it to the list because it looks promising.


Also, Hak5 is great, as well as Steve Gibson’s GRC and his SecurityNow! podcast on the TwiT network.

Who doesn’t love the SANS Internet Storm Center podcast! There is also The Cyberwire podcast.


I didn’t even think to add the podcasts! I’m gonna make a section for infosec podcasts. You should check out SmashingSecurity too. It’s awesome.


I will check out SmashingSecurity. Thank you for the recommendation!


Yes, content in Cybrary is really informative and moreover it’s free to learn. I’ve finished few courses on cybrary and got course completion certificates. I’ve noticed many people on Linkedin add those badges to their profile.

Also, few courses on Udemy are good and affordable, I’ve subscribed to few courses already. I always say “The More You Learn The More You Play”