Kali Linux Cookbook


Someone recently shared a great PDF with me on Kali Linux, so I thought I would share the wealth here, too. I couldn’t upload it directly to the forum, so I have included a Dropbox link below.

(Link removed due to possibility of pirated material.)


Awesome! Thanks for the link, I know very little about this and was going to start researching it. I suppose I shall start with this then :+1:


You weren’t able to upload?


It was a format restriction. It would not allow me to upload a PDF. One can only upload common pictures formats like jpeg, png, etc.


PDF should be allowed! I’m gonna fix it thanks!


Is this free to use? Or is there any copyright involved? Because we don’t want to encourage pirated content in this forum unless it is a free ebook :slight_smile:


Just a caution, please do not download documents from such sites. Recently I dealt with a vulnerability in V8 and pdfium, once you open pdf in browser attacker can get sensitive information like your stored passwords.

So mitigation is to upgrade V8 version or use latest version of Chrome/chromium

It’s same with edge browser wrt chakracore


Good point. It was in a hard drive I had received from a friend. I am not sure if it started out free or not. I’ll have to dig more into it. You’re right about the piracy aspect of it though. I will take it down, just in case.


Just to add, throwing it at virustotal.com and sharing the results of that along with the file would probably be enough. Just making an effort to show that 1. you’re not trying to deliberately share malicious files and 2.) you took the proper steps to show that you are making an effort to not inadvertently share malicious files.