Javascript Engine for Web Browsers - Quick Links


If you are interested in knowing the internals of Javascript engine then these links should be of help. How the bytecode gets optimized? is really an interesting part of it.

V8 - Javascript Engine for Chrome Browser

Chakra & ChakraCore - High-performance JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge & Internet Explorer

SpiderMonkey - Enginer for Firefox browser

JavaScriptCore - JavaScriptCore is a framework that provides a JavaScript engine for Safari

Here is a good reference to know how Javascript works in detail

Here’s a collection of JavaScript engine CVEs with PoCs

Hash flooding attack - Interesting Vulnerability

Please leave a comment if you find any other good resource.


Cool share. I like the link at the end that shows how they are all vulnerable :slight_smile:


Yea, it is good to know the attack vectors and the reason why they need to update their browsers regularly


@pirateducky are these helpful? Did I miss any valuable resource?


Wow! Thank you. This is a good one to bookmark.