How to install Kali in VirtualBox



I am still trying to get into the making of Youtube videos and guides, so I decided to start out with something simple, and also something that I would need to reference in other videos so I did the “Installing Kali Linux in Virtualbox” guide.

Let me know what you think, and head over there and watch it, like it, and leave a comment if you want it would really help.

Also would love some constructive feedback, let me know what I can do better (other than just being less awkward, hopefully that will just come with time),


Great video and it well put together! You say you’re still trying to get into making Youtube videos but this looked better than any I’ve watched with regards to the subject matter. I’d love to see more, solid tutorial videos formatted like this are great tools those wanting to learn.


Thanks for the kind words! I just hate the sound of my voice, and maybe I’m just being too critical of myself.

I appreciate your feedback!

Any suggestions? Specific tools or concepts you would like to see?


A little shaky during the video but I wouldn’t do much better. I’d get all tongue tied if I were making videos. I’m sure the more you make the more confident you’ll be.

Depends on how basic or advanced you want the videos to be. I think a solid Kali tutorial series is long overdue. A lot of folks find Linux to be intimidating, so maybe focus on a beginner series and follow that up with more in depth videos. Again, I’ve not found a good series of videos that cover the basics all the way to the advanced stuff, unless you attend training somewhere. Those coupled with the forums here, you’d have a great training ground for those interested in Infosec.

On a side note, it would be interesting to setup a hack-the-box server down the line, a place where you could safely practice. I know there are already other sites that do this, but thinking just from a community standpoint.


First off, this is far better than many videos on the topic. You did a great job. The production quality is high and your mic (sound) is great!

One critique:

  • Audience. You went through the steps quickly with little to no explanation as to why you chose the settings you did. That’s great if you’re highlighting a process, but it’s bad for a complete understanding of what you’re trying to teach/learn. Perhaps in future videos you could slow down a little, give an explanation to the settings you choose and the other settings on the screen, and elaborate. Hell, tell an anecdotal story if you have one. People love stories and dislike processes. Just keep an audience in mind. This video is good for people already familiar with VirtualBox, but I would have a lot of questions as a beginner.

Honestly, anyone of those settings could spin off a whole new video. Fix-sized disks vs Dynamic disks, for example. Virtual disk formats. So many different things.

If anything else springs to mind, I’ll mention it.



I agree, I think some time will do me will in this regard. Trust me, I got tounge tied, the actual recording was about 90 minutes long :joy:

Eventually, I would like to cover the whole spectrum. Obviously, this will come with time, though.

This sounds like it would even be fun to do. It also seems like a big project to take on which I feel like it would be a disservice to get part way through something like this.

I did think about this. I actually was going to try doing some CTF games to try and bring more people in, but this approach seems like it could be a little more fun :slight_smile:


I felt like the approach I took was better, and I was clearly wrong. I have gotten a couple of responses that said I should have been more in depth. A learning experience, and I’m thankful that people like you took the time to let me know!

I definitely took the wrong approach here! I felt like “down to business” was going to be the way to go but the responses tell me different. There definitely is something to be said about also being entertaining.

I would love to hear it. The advice I have gotten thus far has been utterly priceless.

Thanks a ton for the feedback and honest criticism. I definitely feel a lot better about making more videos, and I’m confident quality will improve with time!


This is the best part of that entire post. I am glad you are taking everyone’s input and making some adjustments. I know it is incredibly easy to take all of this input the wrong way; I applaud your ability to take it outside of yourself and realize it is not a criticism of you, but instead it is all of us trying to help you find the best path.

I just speak from my own experience watching guided videos in the past on how to do things and remembering when things were different or didn’t go as depicted, having more information on the other options (though perhaps not selected) would have been helpful. Also, if you can remember any potential errors along the way, pointing out what might happen if you choose the wrong option may help others.

The more information, the better, in my opinion. If you want to share what you know and your experience, do it. Don’t hold back. Above all, tell a story. Make it engaging.

Honestly, things don’t even have to be that great. Content is king. One of my favorite past Tech Teaching YouTubers was Eli the Computer Guy.


He’s great. I envy is ability to just sit in front of the camera and make shit interesting. No jump cuts, almost no editing, just him talking and educating.