Hello! Noob here


…and by noob I mean I just started learning to code. I have a fascination with anything tech though, and really I’m just beginning to stumble my way through this. Currently working as a railroader with goals of doing some white hat stuff on the side and learning as much as I can. I’m glad I found out about this group and hope to get to know you all and pick your brains.


Thanks for joining, man! The more I read on here, the more I realize that programming is a very important part of learning to hack things; getting that rudimentary understanding of how something works is what is required.

I have always been told start with Python. A lot of well known people in the security industry (including those in Google) use it to make quick proof of exploit programs to demonstrate a vulnerability. That is what led me to consider Python first and foremost.

I hope you enjoy it here. I have!


Welcome! Glad you made it to us!

That’s all it takes, everything else can be learned.

You already have this figured out. Let us know what kind of stuff you’re into. Web applications, operating systems, penetration testing, and we’ll be sure to put together some resources for you.

Again, welcome. Also, sorry we scared you away in Slack yesterday :slight_smile:


groot groot groot. welcome guardian :smiley:


Yup, that’s the language I’m starting with. I’m using Udacity and finished the first Chapter last week. Really basic stuff and boy I thought I had it down right until the last couple quizzes. It was during those last couple quizzes that I realized this is going to be a long slow learning process.


Thanks! This all started awhile back when I was talking to my wife about something (I don’t remember what it was now), and she decided to google it. Well she only had to type in a few characters (not enough to warrant such an accurate response) and bam, what we were talking about appeared in the search bar word for word. It was blatantly obvious it wasn’t a coincidence and the only thing I could attribute it to was that the microphone on her phone was listening. This wasn’t the only thing I noticed either, cross ad tracking was another big one. So I decided that I wanted to know how it all worked and I wanted to understand internet security as much as possible. I want to learn what happened when I pushed a button on my phone or laptop, all the way to the end destination and back. What’s the language saying back and forth, and how is that exploitable. Sorry this is long winded but man this seriously has become a passion and the more I learn the more I get sucked in.


Ha…thank you :+1: I can’t wait for Infinity Wars!


Welcome! I am in a similar situation to yourself and have dabbled in several programming languages - but never really got to grips with any of them.

That’s why I started the 100 days of code challenge on Twitter, and have chosen Python as the language to focus on as I have heard this is great for beginners and very versatile!


100 days of code you say? I’m going to have to look that up. I’ve been following ‘freecodecamp’ on twitter as well, they post some good stuff.


Welcome to our little group. Glad to have you. Learning is what we are all here for. The day I stop learning is the day I’m dead.

Here is a link to a bunch of free courses - some are a bit old but free is free:

Don’t think this is 100% a microphone related thing. I focus a lot on ‘search’ and the #3 indicator google uses now is AI. I’ve also used (abused) google’s automatic suggestions as part of my research for years. It is scary how accurate it is - even with automated tools.


It freaked me out that’s for sure, caused me to set my default search engines to Duck Duck Go and go through my Google settings thoroughly. I don’t distrust Google (or any of the others) but I felt like that was a bit intrusive. I’m glad to hear it wasn’t necessarily the microphone though. Thank you for that link, I’ll for sure take some of those courses.


I have used FreeCodeCamp and loved it. I used it to update myself from HTML 4 to HTML 5 and learn a little CSS–even made a project: https://codepen.io/djmoore/full/MoRvjJ


That’s pretty cool :+1:t2: I just failed a quiz in python where I needed to pull a specific link out of a line of code, so seeing what you did with that seems like magic to me right now :joy:


All the code should be there with the project if you login to Codepen. I am a Neanderthal and I figured that project out. You got this!


Right on, I’ll definitely check it out. How long have you been coding?


HTML, since I was a teen and then I stopped for a decade or longer. I tried Ruby on Rails, but the course I took went too fast for me to understand (OneMonth). Then I started FreeCodeCamp for HTML and CSS and didn’t make it past JavaScript. LOL

I want to learn Python and have an old book for it. Now it is finding the time between studying for GSEC and keeping up with a family.


What’s gsec? Yes!! Finding the time is definitely the tough part. Same here, family and work take up quite a bit of my time. I’ve read a couple different articles that said Python, C, and Java are a must know, and most everything can be learned from that. Not sure of the truth in that, but that’s what I’m aiming for.


I really really like Codewars (http://codewars.com) to learn how to program. There are tons of ways, but I learn by doing and referencing a tutorial, documentation or stack exchange. I hate reading books about programming and I am not a fan of watching YT videos either.


SANS GIAC Security Essentials Certification. Another entry-level certification that most people first take after joining our company. I feel as though it might be redundant for me after Security+ and CEH, but I assume I will always learn something new or it will be a good refresh for me.


I will have to check this site out. Thanks for sharing!