GrailNite - Lee - Introduction


Greetings everyone I’m Lee but I go by GrailNite. I’m a Network/Systems Admin going on 17 years now, wearing many different hats within the IT community. I’ve been a lurker within the Infosec world for a while now, mainly researching, reading, and staying current in order to better protect and understand vulnerabilities to the networks and servers I work with. Most recently I’ve felt the urge to get more involved, possibly move laterally into an Infosec job. As for coding, aside from some minimal DevOps stuff, SQL, Bash scripting, and very basic Python automation, I’m eager to learn more.

Certifications: A+, Net+, CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S, and working on my CCNP Security now. My goal is to pass the CCIE by this time next year. I’m exited to talk and share information with everyone here, this community sounds like a great place and who knows, maybe there will be a HACKR meet and greet at one of the security conferences one day, Defcon maybe?


I call this the dream.


I went to Defcon 23, had an absolute blast and learned so much. It was a real kick in the ass to pursue Infosec professionally, really igniting that fire. The great thing about going was how approachable the speakers and generally everyone was, just walk up and talk to them.


Welp, I’m jealous as fuck…


I second this. I’m going to a SANS training this year, but it is no Defcon.


Welcome aboard! I have learned a ton after joining this forum. Most everyone here is sane, excluding myself. It is a great community.

Where are you coming from, Twitter, Google Search?


I would like to do this too sometime.


Thanks for the welcome! I think I saw a link to this site through a post on Facebook somewhere, I don’t remember, but made a note of it so I could register later. Great community so far!

I’d like go to SANS, expensive unless you can get your employer to cover it :moneybag:


Welcome and glad to get acquainted. Happy to learn from each other


I am grateful that my employer is sending me. They send everyone and pay it all. It’s awesome. I love this company. I am so thankful.


Yeah man, sounds like you have a pretty good gig.


That’s outstanding. It seems like budgets get smaller each year, but I do have enough to attend a conference, as long as it’s job related, just not enough for SANS training. Hell, getting employers to comp for certification test fee’s is hard enough.


Coming from several smaller companies, I can still fully relate. I have been given an amazing opportunity and I am going to use it to my fullest.