Funny Linux programs that you don't need, but will probably install


Outsiders see Linux users as these hardcore neckbeard having hackers. This post is to prove that us Linux users have a sense of humor too, and instead of doing constructive things we often waste time so that other people can effectively waste time.

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Are you looking for some insight? Well, look no further because fortune is there for you. The things that Fortune will tell you are great and inspiring, except for when they aren’t.



This one is exactly what you would expect from it. It takes input from stdin and makes, well, a cow say it.



Just from the name, you can tell that this one is going to be ridiculous and completely useless. Well, you are so far off. Not a day goes by when I don’t lolcat something. I personally prefer the high-performance edition here.



Most Linux users are probably followers of Discordianism, or probably nobody is. I’m not really sure, but whether or not you follow it you, of course, use the date system of the Erisian calendar. Well using ddate you can get a date that actually makes sense. You can also pipe it into cowsay and lolcat to make it more readable.


Steam Locomotive (sl)

Sometimes, you just need to have a train in your terminal. I use it all the time when I am trying to show people how useful Linux is. If you use it with the -h flag it goes really quick for the record.



Maybe this one actually has a use, I’m not really sure. I mainly use it to make cows speak gibberish. (Note: it reverses text)


Really these are just some awesome things that programmers have done because they were bored and wanted to make something. It really does show what kinds of things us programmers think are funny, and what a bored programmer can come up with.