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Due to the potentially controversial nature of a hacking forum I felt it necessary to make a post addressing the things that make tick, and what makes it a unique and valuable asset and community.

What is a hacker?

If you google “hacker” you will find that there are 2 distinct and different definintions relating to what we do.

The one Google provides:

and the one that Wikipedia provides:

This forum is targeted to the latter of the two. This forum is built so people can come together and learn, teach, and be part of a community of like-minded people. This is not

Although a lot of the things that we discuss could likely be used to break the law, we don’t discuss that part here. We are not a host of illegal content, we are not a catalyst for piracy, and we are not a distribution media for leaks and data dumps. We are a place to talk about how all of those things happen, how to prevent them, how to spread awareness, and how to make the internet and computing a better place as a whole.

Don’t post your warez here, don’t post leaked credentials, and don’t post pirated content. This is an infosec, development, and privacy forum and nothing more.

Please let me know if you think I should change anything, or if I have missed something.

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