DrunkTanuki - Adam - Introduction


Hi folks - Adam here aka DrunkTanuki

I am an ex-DBA turned Project Manager (don’t hate me) and when it comes to InfoSec am more of an armchair enthusiast than anything else - the knowledge I do have is theoretical rather than practical and am hoping to get a bit more ‘hands-on’ experience and advice from this forum.

Interested in the hardware side of things more than the software and like to make LED’s blink with Arduino and Raspberry Pi kit. I have dabbled in a few programming languages but never got very far so have finally decided to pick one (Python) and learn it in more depth.


Welcome, thanks for joining up!

Nothing wrong with that, especially coming from the DBA world… You know what it’s like to have a horseshit PM.

That’s cool. That’s kind of where I’m at too. I’ve been working on trying to put together labs or do hackthebox stuff to get more hands on. Maybe we can do a community CTF or something.

This is something I would like to get more into. Would be excited to see any sort of resources or anything that you have found.


I know exactly how you feel.


I have a friend that is also very interested in the hardware side of things. He is a huge Arduino guy. I will have to invite him to this forum. I am sure you guys would have a ton to talk about. He had an idea once to put some pressure sensitive plates under our coffee maker at the office to let us know when it was running low and we needed to make more. We never got around to doing it, but it always sounded like a fun weekend project.

Thanks for joining, as well. I hope you share a lot of that knowledge with us all. Also, I feel you on learning a language. It is hard for me to learn, comprehend, or write any of it; it is truly a labor of love for me to learn it.


This might just be a hacker thing lol


Definitely a hacker thing. It’s this kind of curiosity and innovation that got us where we are today.


The coffee sensor sounds like a fun project - Sid-Lee created a pretty cool IOT dashboard project that saw them monitor and measure a whole bunch of stuff…not sure how secure it would have been though!!


It’s well known, security is almost always an afterthought. I am just glad the industry is working to change that attitude by incorporating security into development.


It’s a tough place though, because ultimately it’s unfair to force anything on the purchaser, even when it’s a critical security update. I’m sure you already know that nobody has really come up with a good solution to the IoT problem yet.


Oh yeah!

At least some companies are making automatic updates a reality.


This is what we need, but part of me is against forcing anything on end users =/


While I agree with you on forcing things upon end users, I also think that security updates (at the least) should be automatic, especially if they do not change the overall functionality of interface of the software. As you know, the main issue causing these automatic updates is because no one does the updates in the first place.


Right, that’s why I’m torn on the whole deal.


I’ve not worked with Arduino as of yet but I do have a collective of Raspberry Pi’s throughout the house and office. So many projects I’d like to pick up with both Raspberry Pi and Arduino, so little time :frowning: