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Hey everyone! I still feel like I am new to the InfoSec community. I have been lurking for years.

Every since getting Security+, I have been hooked on information security. I am still getting certifications and learning everyday, although I am not sure what I would want to specialize in. I want to learn to program, but I am having a rough go of it. Anyway, maybe one day when I grow up I will figure it all out. Until then, I will just keep learning.

My preferred method of learning is with computer based training, mainly ITPro.TV. I have also used If I know anything, I know that I am willing to share what little I have learned with the community and I look forward to learning a lot more from others here. :nerd_face:

Certs: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Net+, CompTIA Sec+, CEH. I will be sitting for SANS GSEC this year.


Thanks for the intro! Sounds like you are taking a pretty good go at infosec and programming already though. Any languages in specific you are trying to learn?

I have the A+ and Net+ from comptia. How was the CES test? I have been going back and forth on getting the ITPro.TV subscription. Is it worth it? I have never heard of gonna check it out.


ITPro.TV is worth it to me. I have my own personal subscription and have maintained it for a few years now. If you signup for the free account, you can wait them out for a little while and they will soon offer a 50% discount. They market themselves as binge-worthy and in my opinion they are right. It is defiantly not like TrainSignal or Cybrary. You get what you pay for and it is high quality.

SecurityJourney is one I found on Twitter through one of its founders, @dgeroute. He was giving some free levels and I took it, but did not get very far into it. It is good content, but fairly entry-level.

CEH was fun. I only studied the ITProTV course material with Sean-Philip Oriyano and bought his Sybex book to go with it. The content is very hands-on and really fun to follow along with. I learned a ton in the process. ITProTV also has a lot of follow-up courses on how to use Kali, Wireshark, and a lot of other open-source tools in their library.

While I don’t want to promote piracy, I would be willing to share a few videos from the CEH course with the community to sample and see if the style is right for them. Just let me know and I’ll upload some to Dropbox and share a link.


I think tomorrow when I have the house to myself for a little bit I’m gonna do the 7 day trial. Actually I’m kindof excited now. Looking through there courses there is a ton of stuff there that I want to learn.


Just don’t get ahead of yourself and sign up at full price. Wait them out and get a steep discount. :wink:

I love their content. Fair warning, the Apple TV and iOS apps kind of suck. They don’t remember your play position or course position. I almost exclusively use the website, which works decently on the iPad. They have been talking about a site revamp and app revamp for a while, but it still in the works. But, don’t let that keep you from the service–the content is great and that accounts for a lot. I don’t work for them, nor do I get a cut or affiliation. I just believe in their brand that much. But, I also realize it is not for everyone.


I see that I am the only person that did not go with a pseudonym as a username.

Not sure if original or unoriginal.


Come on, it’s a hacker forum. Expect things like Crash 0verride, Acid Burn, Lord Nikon, and Zero Cool.


Welcome to the forum, I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself. Glad to get acquainted with you. By the way, thanks for the links


You’re more than welcome. Thanks for posting.


I failed to mention, I also have A+, Net+ and Security+. This was 8 years ago though, so it’s completely irrelevant now. I am proud to say that I accomplished these certs without any “bootcamps” or formal education.


They were probably obsolete when you took them, but achieving that just proves that you have a fundamental understanding of the concepts and can learn them fast which is what this industry really needs.


I couldn’t agree more. As “fast” as technology seems to change, a lot of it is still the same fundamentally, just with slight incremental changes. A lot of the knowledge is transferable, at times.