David - Ninjga - Hi!


So hi,

My name is David, Im a South African. Ive been online since 1992. I still dont know what I am doing.

I live in a country overwhelmed with layer 8 attacks at the moment. Like really, my country is lost.

I had a long career in IT, created an ISP, sold it, went into liberal politics, as I was naive and thought thats how I could help fix society.

I quit my job last month for moral reasons (apparently I was working with the worst of humanity).

I fell down the rabbit hole in the last weekend of July 2017, and have worked non-stop every single day since then on understanding and researching the plagues hitting humanity atm.

I keep trying to do my best to stop the zombie apocalypse, but humanity seem to be hellbent on destroying itself, so not sure what I can do there.

I am currently building the unicomplex. A system of transparent and corruption free governance, where the trust is enforced by blockchain triple entry accounting.

I am also working on developing Centaurians. Its basically a asymmetrical consensus based centaur. A centaur is 3x AI+2 human. Its basically an asymmetrical guardian designed to protect people from modern asymmetrical malware payloads.

The reason I am building this, is having being targeted, I know that a single human mind is not capable of withstanding extended pysops dos and ddos attacks. Even when aware of them, its hard to stop them.

I thought I was pretty hotshot in infosec. (I was recently rated one of the best infosec authors by another website) If I was a hacker, one of my alts may have made the BBC twice and may be the only hacker to have ever knocked an entire dictators country offline (this is its own article on why its not a good idea to route all your dns traffic through two servers).

However, that was more the old me. The new me is more like "whaaaaaaaaat? “wtf?’”

I now know the only thing I know for sure is how little I know.

I work now in a space, where the points dont matter and everything is made up.

I have developed my own “ninj.ga” family model to survive these changes. We are small but strong. I chose ninja because its a clear identity in the new world. Troopers were cool, but felt too, “IBM” for me Ninga have a clear mission. Protect the butterflies.

My general approach as an untrained, psyops person is to go “ooh what happens when I push that big red button that says dont push”.

I now have North Korean transexuals wanting to date me and some weird people asking me if I build “tools of tyranny” into my unicomplex for quick access to cash. I dont even know what tools of tyranny are.

There is one constant Ive learnt in all of this. Run from the money! Basically, the infosec I write about now is so “out there”, that I hide it behind role playing storylines.


Thought I would show you what I work on atm. This kinda stuff


Well that’s one hell of an intro. Welcome to the forum. I’m gonna check out your projects tomorrow morning. That video is pretty cool. I imagine


It was that conversation about the tools of tyranny that made me ensure that my system is just a method of corruption free decision making linked to ID, and not a judicial or police enforcement systems . Thats down to “canton/masternode (local government)” level.

When the person asked me to do that my response was, “what is wrong with you? who even speaks like that?”

The video is an introduction to try teach people that hacking transcends technology.


Welcome Ninja - Glad to have you here. Curious - how do we unlock our GPU?


Are you talking about building your right hemisphere processing and communication abilities? if so, this guide (and the links at the bottom) will help you develop that part of your brain. Its information, based on my own experience and I dont know if it will work to others, but consuming the media linked in those pages will help you.

Its like a language or any skill, the more you develop and work on it, the clearer it becomes.

Im not big into jailbreaking minds any more, cause its kinda serious. And I cant deal with a whole bunch of people having existential crisis at the same time.

But if you decide to develop this part of your mind, can I suggest you do it with someone you are intimate with, cause ure ganna be rebuilding a lot of your trust pairings. And things get crazy.

I didnt know it got this deep or this serious, so its not something I will take people along the full way. Ive bust out several minds, and its hard on everyone emotionally.

By bust out, it means we see the same stego, the same associated messaging, and the same criminal networks communicating. We are also able to communicate with each other via unassociated images that look random to anyone else. But theres a real lot to it, and my work barely touches the surface.

Yes, I know how I sound. I hate it.


this link will be available for another 12 hours, im giving some access to my old nerfed research (nothing from this year I think). Reason I share this data, is to introduce people to how I found it. My new data sets are kept private as every time I trusted people, I was contained or compromised. I have trust issues with authorities now. The section on stego shows you how it all started with learning russian prison mafia tattoos and kinda esculated from there


If you are sensitive, please dont go to that site. It shows a bit of reality in the honeypot section. sorry.

I host the site on google sites to move the url around disable it as well, its just an old research site (not my new stuff), and I removed 90% of the data there as it was more specific and I dont wanna die just yet.


I feel I should give you warnings I didnt have. If you do this, its a rabbit hole. Its the hotel california. Understand there are serious consequences to your life

But as pointed out, see the car or not is your choice in this. I really recommend doing it with someone you know or trust, or you going to get uncontrollable PTSD . A second person seems to help significantly and adds a level of trust. Which you are going to lose a lot of.

Start listening to music, thats how a lot of messaging is communicated. Lots and lots and lots and lots of music.

If you feeling down, listen to something on strings, always helps.

Gamers are very resilient to this, so if you game regularly, you have an advantage, if you dont, you should start.

If you are unlocked, you are going to go through a KBR loop. Unless you have someone doing this with you, you will be stuck in a KBR loop. I was for 9 months. Bust out of that recently with someone I jailbroke who has balanced my reality. I had serious trust issues coming out of this… long stories.

Um, without sounding like the raving lunatic that I am sure I do, please be careful :confused: You probably dont think this is real yet and I dont blame you.


To give you an idea, this song is about that journey . That color you see in this video, the only color. Is a marker. A message, kinda like alignment branding. Good guys :smiley: Also, all the things in the room he wakes up, those are markers as well. So we have marker clusters happening in this video.

The “we aint kids no more” is a reference to the gamer moms fighting pedophile rapists cause the law wont help them. A thing. One of the responses from humanity in the failure of law, to asymmetrical human trafficking groups is gamers getting together to form groups to take out the worst. Bug bounty hunting as a whole new dimension to it. I have spoken to a young mother, who snipes pedophiles now. But what is she to do when legal systems are infected? When the social services are infected? When the judges and police are infected? Its crazy out there.

“wish we could turn back time”

As I said, once you start this journey, a lot of what you know to be true will be turned upside and you will learn most people are gross, and sometimes you wanna go back to the time before you know, as I expressed earlier.

Theres a real lot happening in this video, but it doesnt hold any deep secrets, it an expression of this journey someone took. But the color code at the start is significant (you will see the guys at “Because Science” on youtube run the same colors), and so are the items at the start.

I hate to say this, but you need to start looking at songs more literally. Even bohemian rhapsody. Whats scary is when you see how far back this goes…


To mechatrons who read this, they have to know, sorry, its all coming out. We know the time of secrets is ending, Im doing this for the right reasons.

Better me than a south american human harvesting mechatronic worm.

If you do do this , and you dont take my advice (and do it alone), and you feel yourself overwhelmed, please inbox me. you are not alone.

There are also several games like “Life is strange” that can help you understand this better and which take you slowly through an immersive experienced based on someones story. But that first link I gave you has links to the most important videos I found that helped me understand this concept.

Its not really well studied or understood.

MircacleofSound and Nerdout! are two major resistance lines forming in the new world. (view).

Their latest song sings to the kids developing this school and starting to break out. Now with eternalblue out there, everyone has the source code to mechatronic worms, so things are going to go lunatic for everyone soon.

The above video is one I made, Im proud of it, just cause dedsec liked it. Anything you see with GMV is generally linked to this phenomena as the resistance is with gamers and kids atm.

Im posting this here, cause Im super proud it got noticed by dedsec :smiley:


Quick example, taken from the video above. The girl is called Jane. She has a doe on her shirt. You also see a ghost doe. Why is it signifcant?

Its associated messaging to the Harry Potter genre where there are pedo groups hiding. The ghosty thing that snapes summons is a doe. According to google its in chapter 33 of the deadly hollows.

In that chapter it refers to Snapes summon. The doe, which represents a 10 year old girl he loved. The pedos use this as one of their markers to hide behind. Ie, say you wanted to sell a child, you could put a picture of the doe up, other pedos would know the association.

When you see people post that “ALWAYS” from harry potter, its a reference to the time Snape says he will always love her. Its a thing :confused:

Theres not one scene in my strange life that isnt teaching you about 10 things, but its overwhelming to learn at first because its a language, but not a structured one as you know it. Its based on images, color, sound, feeling. etc.

This is not a dig at harry potter, I just used that as an example as it was what I was watching now. Starwars is a very popular genre for pedos to hide behind cause of the whole padiwan vibe.

In fortnite you see a storm, in this video you see a storm, in Dr Strange you see the storm. They all refer to the same thing. This phenomena.


Sorry for the spam, but I just wanted to tie back into the “Because Science” I referred to earlier on. In this episode the presenter is answering veiled attack questions with veiled responses. The diamonds and profit they refer to are human organs. You can see the host getting upset. The reference to a young girl is not lost on him.

The comments about “PHds” is a reference to all the fake degrees out there that have infested academia (see “hacking my career, rubycon2015” for more reference on this. Its basically career botting.


A lot of videos are made intentionally boring so casual viewers will lose interest, normally the 2nd half of a long video is the better half, the first half is a time waster so people get bored. But when you pay attention, the “lead developer” starts sounding more like a “lead surgeon”


Glad you’re here, lot of leaning I need to do in aspect of block chain. Now I know whom to reach. By the way, welcome to the club


Great, hope you find my comm guides useful. Honestly, once you unlock this ability, my god. The amount of malware you see. oh … my … god. just wow. I closed my Facebook account cause of it. Just too much.