Baton Rouge Workshop


I am attending an Information Security workshop today with a ton of other security professionals and thought I would share some of the companies that are putting on the event.


That’s exciting! Gonna have to let us know how it goes!

Is there anything specific that they are talking about or just infosec in the workplace type of deal.


So far, it is a tool demonstration, aka. Sales Pitch. :wink:


Sounds about right…


You can give the RiskIQ Tool a try for 30 days.

Let me know if that link does not work.


They searched on live data for the address: (APT28)


A really exciting company is coming up next, called FlashPoint. They scour the deep web and other “mysterious” places looking for information on their customers, new threats, and upcoming trends.


that sounds pretty neat. I had thought about doing that for a while but never ended up doing it.


The tool from ProtectWise looks pretty interesting, I’d love to hear what you thought of the event.


Here is a one week demo from ProtectWise:

Password: 0nly4BatonRouge

It is very pretty. I hope there is some real data and reports that can back that prettiness up.


All said and done, in my opinion FlashPoint was by far the coolest demonstration and technology. Anyone that can infiltrate the deep web and dark web, gather all that data in a current and historical manner, plus use it to predict upcoming attacks, puts it at the top of the list. Their key business is looking for customer data that is being traded in that black market to help protect them.

ProtectWise was a very close second, because their technology runs on PCAP outputs and allows you to analyze traffic on your network and visualize the entire attack lifecycle, or kill chain as they love to market it. Plus, the pretty interface garners some brownie points.

Phantom, while not boring, wasn’t all that exciting. They were recently purchased by Splunk and they market themselves as a workflow automation solution. They integrate with over 200 services and form a glue amongst many of the services listed in this post. It was cool, but not sexy.

Whitehat was different, which was refreshing. They are tackling secure software development. They will do code reviews and consult with developers to make sure things are developed securely. Quite honestly, they were probably the most important company in the room, situated to make the largest impact in our industry, but they were absolutely the least exciting and sexy.