ArgonLinux - Linux kernel based OS


Hello Hackr users, my name is Ryan Bradley and I’m wanting to announce a project I’ve been working on for the past few months.

I’ve been creating a Linux kernel based operating system from scratch with the help of buildroot to manage compilation of packages and generating system images.

The current build of the operating system is not yet ready for public release but for anyone willing to help you may need moderate to advanced knowledge of the Rust programming language and other programming languages such as C/C++, Ruby, Python, etc.

The first thing that should be worked on is the custom package manager, named Iron(III) Oxide, which is currently written in pure Rust code.


I don’t know rust, but I do know C somewhat, and have done some kernel hacking in the past. I would love to help out where I can! If you want to link the repos I would like to take alook at what you have done so far.


Edited and added the repo, I’m going to have to churn up a Makefile in case someone wants to compile it from source but currently Buildroot builds it for the target platform which would be the RaspberryPi3 which uses an ARMv8(ARM64) processor


Nice. Haven’t done anything with the kernel or built a base set of packages or anything?


Buildroot lets me pick and choose which packages I want installed on the target, currently I have it loaded with the raspberrypi3_64 config and then I did some tweaks.

Current Settings(Not comprehensive):

  • Systemd based init
  • binutils, coreutils, bootutils, git, make, time, openntp, openssh, etc.
  • U-Boot bootloader with SecureBoot like settings enabled
  • Pre-alpha package manager, fe2o3


I am thinking of switching to Yocto but i’ll have to test it out first before I can make a definitive answer, the thing I don’t like about Buildroot is it forces the Linux kernel to compile with the initramfs which drastically increases the kernel image size.