Hackr Services

Over time I started self-hosting a lot of different things, mainly because I don’t really trust anyone, but also because it’s fun for me.  This time around I decided to go ahead and make a lot of what I host public.  This page is where I will be posting all of the services that are available for anyone to use.

Hackr Paste


This is just a simple Pastebin style service.  It is a fork of PrivateBin, which is a client-side encrypted bin.  It gives me the opportunity to be completely oblivious to anything that anyone is pasting in there and still offers basic functionality that one might expect such as syntax highlighting.

Hackr Forums


The Hackr forum is a simple and clean Discourse forum hosted by me.  It is there so that we can have ongoing discussions about anything.  Obviously it is a tech related forum, but I really hope that this can turn into a decent community where we can have a good time together.

Hackr IRC

irc.hackr.pl – SSL Only – Port 6697

A small IRC server where anyone can jump on and have a conversation with me, or anyone else for that matter.   All IP addresses and hostnames are fully masked.  Even though there is an emphasis on privacy, please do not assume this is a secure place for conversation.  Do not click links, and do not open connections with other users.