Finished my server migration.

I switched back to Vultr for my hosting.  For the less money I can get significantly better performance.  The $20 Digital Ocean box was great, and the performance was good.  But with Vultr I can run 3 $5 boxes and have a super scalable infrastructure.

Basically it’s just Apache2 behind Nginx and mysql on it’s own server.  It’s a pretty simple setup really, and I also took the liberty of updating some other things that were lacking as well, like my SSL settings.


I used to stress test my site before and after the migration.  The before is pretty sad.  I am actually somewhat surprised at how well the site did when I got some traffic from Reddit on my How to be a hacker post.

All of these test shut down at 25% error rate.

Before the migration.

As you can see it made it to about 1300 users before the server started spewing errors.  Not a very strong server.

For the hell of it I tried just throwing 10000 users at it to see if it could handle it.  It couldn’t.

Yeah, that lasted 12 seconds.  Right off of the bat the responses were at 2000ms and were at about 8000 when the server finally died at 12 seconds.

After the migration.

It handled it quite a bit better I would say. Heres the chart of 0-10000 over a minute.

As you can see, even at 10000 concurrent visitors it’s still pumping out pages at 450ms, with a max of about 525ms.  That’s a pretty good boost, and remember that this is for $5 less than at Digital Ocean.  Again, I decided to just throw the 10000 at it.

Pretty huge spike to 1000ms right from the start, probably while the cache builds.  Even that spike is only to 1000 ms which is where the DO box was at when there were only 1000 users.  After the spike it mellowed out and handled all ten thousand users at 250ms steady for the entire rest of the minute.


What did I miss when I was testing these?  Would you be interested in learning what exactly my configuration is to get this going on your server?  Let me know in the comments.

Daniel is a freelance web developer and IT consultant with a passion for security and privacy. Although he isn't much of a writer, he enjoys writing blog posts that help out others in the community.

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