The dreaded year end post.

Well, this blog has only been online for less than a week.  Of course, all of my other blogs are 301 to here so I still think it’s important for me to do the dreaded annual year end post.  Don’t worry, I will keep it short and sweet.

What’s coming for Hackr in 2017?

A new WordPress theme.

This theme that I am using is barely a fork of another Open Source theme on Github.  Now, I’m not the greatest designer in the world, so my new theme will again be a fork of another theme but I know which one it is and I promise it will be miles ahead of this one.

More (advanced) security related guides.

On my old hacking blog which is now completely defunct I had so much fun writing guides.  I would just spin up servers and trash them for the hell of it.  As much as I loved that I don’t want to do it again.  What I want to do is write guides that are more on the advanced side of things.  I really think that is what I have to offer to this community.

Better hosting.

Right now this blog is hosted on a 1GB Digital Ocean VPS, which is perfectly fine.  But on that note, in the first week of this blog being online I have had 2 posts that make the front page of all of the security and hacking sub-reddits and it has really beat up my server.  Considering that I am a Linux sysadmin by trade I think that an infrastructure with a little more balls is in order, and considering that this is a hacking based site, I should probably address some of the security issues that I am currently looking the other way on.

Edit: Just got this finished, check out the results here.

Better Grammar

For those that don’t know, I quit my job.  I quit my job to use my G.I. Bill to go to school full time and because I knew that I was going to have more free time I started this blog.  For that very same reason, I took as many english classes as I could right off of the bat so that I could write this blog better.

More open source.

I have some ideas for projects that I feel the security world is lacking a little bit.  I want to either revive an old project or write one from scratch, but I want to get this project running.  I don’t want to give it away right now, but I promise it’s going to be awesome.


All in all, I am looking forward to 2017.  I am excited for what’s ahead and I am really looking forward to being able to put some serious work into this and give back to the community.

What are some things that you guys want me to do in 2017?  Have any project ideas or anything?

Daniel is a freelance web developer and IT consultant with a passion for security and privacy. Although he isn't much of a writer, he enjoys writing blog posts that help out others in the community.

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