Does Russia really think that Apple will unlock their iPhone?

So yeah, we all remember the San Bernardino shooting and the media attention to the fact that Apple would not unlock the shooters iPhone, and refused to backdoor future phones.  Well now Moscow has decided to demand that Apple unlock the iPhone of Mevlut Mert Altıntas who was identified as the assassin that killed the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, and who I first recognized from the now evolving and viral meme.  The Turkish police claim that unlocking the phone will allow them to identify the terrorist organization or organizations that Altuntas was involved with.

Based on the San Bernardino case I would think that the likelihood of Apple actually giving in to Russia’s request is pretty minimal.  Turkey and Russia must feel the same way because it seems that they are sending in some “experts” to crack the phone.

Based on the Mac Reports Article update the experts have successfully pulled some information from the still locked phone, but have not been able to fully unlock the phone entirely.  It has not been reported as to whether or not this data included the data they they were looking for.

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